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Off Road Fork Package

Off Road, Enduro, Single Track and Desert riders all use a variation of the Pro-Action V-2 Valvebody. For off road and pleasure use we create an additional stage of valving to make the suspension even more plush on compression, with less deflection from rain washouts, rocks and tree roots. This system can be placed in any fork, big bike or mini.If you can imagine a suspension set up that falls between a CRF 450 X and a CRF 450R, this is what I am explaining.

Many Colorado Riders use their bike for trail riding, with the occasional track day.By altering the valve stack and fluid flow, along with a clicker adjustment, you will be ready for the track on the same suspension.

Off Road Shock Package

After years of research and development with three-stage valving, we evolved it into our exclusive incremental system. The Pro-Action three-stage, incrementally pressure-sensitive, self-adjusting valving system not only has a mid-range circuit that does not exist in any stock shock, but also has increments of valving within each stage.

Much like a combustion engine, the more air it gets the better it performs. A dirty air filter slows the performance of airflow, thus creating a non efficient use of air. Your OEM shock valving is exactly the same. It is a plugged system, just like that dirty air filter! We take what the manufactures give us, alter the oil flow, and let it breathe. Thus increasing its performance and tune ability.

This design is by far the most advanced valving available.

Take it to the next level by adding a 7075 hard anodized, Pro-Action alloy piston for an additional $95.00.

Off Road Springs

There are two people you should not lie about your weight to.

1) On-line dating profiles


2) Your Suspension Builder

This is the most important calculations for building your suspension. If your springs and body weight do not match, your suspension will not be performing correctly.

Have you ever driven an empty 1 ton pick up over a rough section of road? Bounce, deflection, loss of traction... now take that same truck, over the same section of road, loaded correctly...HUGE difference.

No suspension company can “set your bike up for your weight” without using the correct spring. By using a mathematical formula, talking with the rider, as well as 35 years of experience we will calculate the correct rate for you. You cannot get that from a "Spring Calculator" on the internet.

***All springs are NOT created equal, our business partner uses precision tolerances, the highest in the world***

***Custom turned spring coils for the hard to find bikes***

Race Proven Results

This Off-Road valve package has been tested by these Colorado riders.

Matt Karlsen World Off Road Championship Privater of the Year. Baja 1000 Champion

Cody Schaffer: USA ISDE Junior Team

Kyle Schaffer: Mulit-time World Off Road Championship National #1

Aaron Turner: Muliti time State Champion VDR Hare Scramble


Item Price
Showa, KYB, WP, Fork re-valve (plus applicable parts) $229.95
Valve Body Kit (Self Install) $159.95
Maxima Suspension Fluids (liter) includes oil disposal fee $19.95
Torco Suspension Fluids (liter) includes oil disposal fee $24.95
X-Pro Rebuild Kit: Dust and Oil Seals, Guide and Engagement Bushings (Showa / KYB) $79.95
X-Pro Rebuild Kit: Dust and Oil Seals, Guide and Engagement Bushings (WP) $149.95
Fork Springs or Shock Springs (Showa, KYB) $115.95
SSF Springs $94.95
Compression Springs $49.95
Progressive Rate Shock Spring (WP) $144.95
Shock Revalve (plus applicable parts) $199.95
Pro-Action 46 or 50 mm Shock Piston $94.95
KTM Bladder Kit $134.95
  • Price does not include removing forks and shock from bike.
  • Call for pricing on pre- 2006 Suspension
  • SORRY, I no longer work on KYB Air Forks
  • Returning Customer Savings -5%
  • FLYRider Savings -5%

“Is it weird that I was going down a huge hill full of rocks and when I got down I yelled "Thank you Pro-Action!"”

Landon, 2000 KTM 380 EXC

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