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Pro-Action Linkage

Pro-Action link arms are designed to stiffen the early progression of the linkage curve and lower the ride height. This improves the suspension balance, but most importantly it improves the rear end cornering stability, technologically called the “Four Stroke Stink Bug”. The Pro-Action link also provide a noticeable improvement in soaking up breaking bumps.

Pro-Action links enhance performance on stock or modified suspension components.

KTM Bladder Kits

This is one of the best upgrades for a KTM!!!

  • Replaces OEM floating piston. The stock floating piston generates kinetic friction (drag)
  • Bladder style eliminates all friction, which also lowers operating tempature of shock.
  • Plusher shock performance
  • LESS friction, LESS heat, LESS fade


Your fork and shock springs, fluid levels, clicker settings and valving must work together. One of the most important calculations is the spring calculation for your bike. If your springs and body weight do not match, your suspension will not be performing correctly. You cannot valve around the wrong springs, and the right springs will not work with bad valving. No suspension company can “set your bike up for your weight” without using the correct spring. By using a mathematical formula as well as 35 years of experience we will calculate the correct rate for you.

***All springs are NOT created equal, our business partner uses precision tolerences, the highest in the world***

***Custom turned spring coils for the hard to find bikes***

Shock Bumper

Avaliable as standard replacement item on most modern shocks

Compression Springs

The Compression Spring (ICS) Spring helps to solve an internal conflict with your suspensions. There is a very deep and technical description of how this works. Here is the simple explanation. If you were to divide your fork stroke into thirds, the ICS spring has the greatest effect on the first third of the stroke. A heavier spring keeps the suspension in the top of the stroke longer and provides more resistance for high speed fork diving common in breaking bumps under hard front brake use.

KYB Free Piston

This part has a high failure rate in KYB forks. The failure is typically caused by lack of maintenance in the fork. When these plastic parts fail and full dis-assembly of the fork is required to insure all debris is removed from the inner and outer fork chambers.

X-Pro Fork Rebuild Kit

Our Fork Rebuild Kits are designed to replace the typical wear items in your forks. These items are designed to wear out, typically every 40 hours, but that greatly depends on how the bike is ridden and maintained. They include Dust Seals, Oil Seals, as well as 4 wear bushings.

Suspension Fluids

We use Maxima Racing Fork and Shock Fluids. By request we also use TORCO Synthetic Shock and Semi Synthetic Fork Fluid. We buy our fluids in bulk, so you will only be charged for the fluid that is used. Our fluid cost includes disposal fee of used fluids, as well as a fee for shop supplies such as cleaners and solvents.

Pre-Load Adjuster

The Advantages of the XTRIG Preload Adjuster

  • Mechanical transmission
  • Use the complete thread of the shock absorber
  • Easy handling
  • Adjust the preload very quickly
  • Low weight
  • Dirt insensible
  • Patent pending

"A" Package

Pro-Action 3 stage Incremental Valving Front and Rear, Pro-Action 50 mm Shock Piston, Pro-Action 3 Stage Fork Valve Body, Pro-Action Linkage, Custom turned springs, Xtrig Pre-Load Shock Adjustor, TORCO Fluids. $1195.00 Photo by Richard Caverly Photography


Item Price
CRF 250 (2010-2014) Linkage $249.99
CRF 450 (2009-2014) Linkage $249.99
KXF 250 (2006 - 2008) Linkage $249.99
KXF 250 (2009 - 2014) Linkage $249.99
KXF 450 (2007 - 2008) Linkage $249.99
KXF 450 (2009 - 2014) Linkage $249.99
KTM (all link models) Linkage $224.99
YZF 250 (2010 - 2014) Linkage $249.99
YZF 450 (2009 - 2014) Linkage $249.99
KTM Bladder Kit $159.95
ICS Springs $45.95
Shock Bumper CALL
Fork Springs (Showa, KYB, WP) $129.99
SFF Springs $99.99
Progressive Rate WP Springs $144.95
KYB Free Piston $59.95
Maxima Suspension Fluids (liter) includes oil disposal fee, and chemical fees $22.95
Torco Suspension Fluids (liter) includes oil disposal fee, and chemical fee $26.95
X-Pro Rebuild Kit: Dust and Oil Seals, Guide and Engagement Bushings (Showa / KYB) $79.95
X-Pro Rebuild Kit: Dust and Oil Seals, Guide and Engagement Bushings (WP) $149.95
Xtrig Pre-Load Adjuster (Model Specific) $169.99
  • Price does not include removing forks and shock from bike.
  • Call for pricing on pre- 2006 Suspension
  • SORRY, I no longer work on KYB Air Forks
  • Returning Customer Savings -5%
  • FLYRider Savings -5%

“The linkage is the best thing I have ever done to my motorcycle ”

Matt, 2013 YZ 450

Improve your suspension performance.

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