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Motocross Action on "Stock Suspension"

“As hard as it may be to believe, profit was one of the primary motivators in the design of your bike’s suspension. The manufacturers don’t want your bike to have the best suspension. They want it to have the best suspension they can afford.” - Motocross Action

Pro-Action Fork Technology

Since 1977 Pro-Action has been the innovator of front fork valve body design technology. We now produce 12 types of valve bodies. Our special bodies have applications, for minis, big bikes, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha. These valve bodies have the most direct flow patterns of all valve bodies produced, and have better performance than stock valve pistons used by most suspension companies. Our direct flow design eliminates harshness in the fork, reduces rider fatigue, and arm pump. Super Cross Valving uses a two-stage system. Motocross valving uses a two-stage system with a quick opening circuit for choppy acceleration bumps. The off-road valving uses a three-stage system to eliminate deflection off rocks and roots and provides excellent mid-range manners and great resistance to bottoming. The result is the finest working front fork system ever built. Imagine a front fork that stands up tall, is plush on initial hits, firm on big hits, and progressively soaks up everything in between.

Shock Packages

After years of research and development with three-stage valving, we evolved it into our exclusive incremental system. The Pro-Action three-stage, incrementally pressure-sensitive, self-adjusting valving system not only has a mid-range circuit that does not exist in any stock shock, but also has increments of valving within each stage.

This design is by far the most advanced valving available.

Take it to the next level by adding a 7075 hard anodized, Pro-Action alloy piston for an additional $95.00.


Your springs, fluid levels, clicker settings and valving must work together. One of the most important calculations is the spring calculation for your bike. If your springs and body weight do not match, your suspension will not be performing correctly. You cannot valve around the wrong springs, and the right springs will not work with bad valving. Valve bodies, fluid levels, settings and springs must work as a system. No suspension company can “set your bike up for your weight” without using the correct spring. By using a mathematical formula as well as 35 years of experience we will calculate the correct rate for you.

Customer for life

Building life time customers! You never pay for a Revalve Service twice on the same suspension component . If you or a previous owner has a Revalve Service, Pro-Action will “update” the valve settings to the current customer or use at no extra charge. You simply pay for the labor and parts typical of a “refresh” Service. Typical changes would be, Motocross to Off-Road valve settings.

Rider Q & A

When Pro-Action Re-valves your suspension, we personalize your Fork Vavling, Springs, and oil levels to your specific skill sets and desires. When you first contact Pro-Action, we ask you a list of questions, or you can complete the “request a quote” form on this site. This helps us to designed a suspension set up exactly for you. We interview the riders to find out the characteristics unique to you. Height, weight, riding style, ability level, terrain ridden and your expectations. Since we are a local Colorado Company, most of the time you can even describe a particular jump, turn, or track and we have been there. Either as a rider, testing, or providing support.

Suspension modification at any level is not an art, its a science.


Item Price
Showa, KYB, WP, Fork re-valve (plus applicable parts) $299.95
Maxima Suspension Fluids (liter) includes oil disposal fee $22.95
Torco Suspension Fluids (liter) includes oil disposal fee $26.95
X-Pro Rebuild Kit: Dust and Oil Seals, Guide and Engagement Bushings (Showa / KYB) $79.95
X-Pro Rebuild Kit: Dust and Oil Seals, Guide and Engagement Bushings (WP) $149.95
Fork Springs or Shock Springs (Showa, KYB) $125.99
SSF Springs $94.95
Compression Springs $49.95
Progressive Rate Shock Spring (WP) $144.95
Shock Revalve (plus applicable parts) $199.95
Pro-Action 46 or 50 mm Shock Piston $109.95
KTM Bladder Kit $144.95
Shock Revalve (Showa/KYB/WP) Standard equipment Shocks $299.95
  • Price does not include removing forks and shock from bike.
  • Call for pricing on pre- 2006 Suspension
  • SORRY, I no longer work on KYB Air Forks
  • Returning Customer Savings -5%
  • FLYRider Savings -5%

“I am amazed at how much better my bike worked after the Pro-Action valves were installed”

Brandon, 2014 YZ 450

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